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Tired of life?

KIDDO is a hand drawn point & click adventure that looks into the uneasy life of Kiddo and his quest for fixing the only thing he still cares about. 

This will lead to a series of unexpected situations where the domestic mixes with the surreal.

With the great music of Kwinten Mordijck

This is a demo version, the full game will be released mid September.

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
AuthorGrasita Games
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnity
TagsAltgame, artgame, Boring, Dark Humor, Hand-drawn, Lo-fi, Noir, Queer
Average sessionAbout an hour


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this game is amazing!

imagine when you have completed

thanks so much!

We keep on working :)

Come on KIDDO, you can make it :)

Did the full game get released?? I have been waiting for awhile and the last time I played it was when it was still free.

Hi Taeyongs, the Kiddo project is currently in stand by, we are still looking for funding to keep up with the development of the game. We will keep you posted, thanks for asking :)

hey, I found a bug that stopped me from continuing. after I filled the toilet and the cutscene played out, my screen got stuck on a plain blue room, I wasn't able to do anything. so I quit and rebooted the game, but now its corrupted because the story wont continue and whenever I'm in the bathroom it will flicker from the room and what looks like a sewer(which I assume is the next stage of the game). 

the game looks really cool but I wasn't able to finish it. I may just redownload and try again

Hi holyGuac! Thanks so much for playing KIDDO! :)

Thanks for reporting the bug. If you've seen the cutscene (falling into the wc) that is the end of the demo, there should be written the words "to be continue" we will check it out.

Thanks again for playing and have a nice day.



Please tell me this game is still going to be released?? I just played it and I loved it.

The art style and music are a perfect match. The puzzles were clever, and made me think -outside the box a bit-. Can't wait to see the nished product.

Hi Esoteryk! Thanks so much for playing KIDDO and doing such a cool review :) Currently we keep on developing the game, is possible that in few weeks we will have interesting news about the future. We will keep you posted!. Thanks again and PEACE 

Ok, that's a huge relief. I'll be waiting for for the news! can't wait to play the finished game!

where is the full game ? :(

Such an awesome game!
Loved playing this! :D

That is awesome to hear!

so much praise but no linux version :'(

i wanna try this one so bad

download wine. I dont use linux but as far as I know either wine or a virtual machine are your best bets

Hi everyone! Can you tell us how long did it take you to beat the demo? There is no right answer, we are just curious about it. Thanks!

this game is interesting , the surreal visual of the game just hit diffrent , goodjob dev :)

Hi, thanks so much for playing KIDDO 🥰🥰🥰


Thats a very interesting game i say. I really waiting for the full game to come out. Cool design. Ngl few times i get stucked bc dont know what to do next, but overall game is really nice. 

Hi MarwinElfshot thanks so much for playing KIDDO! Is so cool to hear you speaking in Russian :

Stay connected, last of May beginning of June we will launch the full game!


Nice! :)

(1 edit)

Kiddo is a quirky and relatable game.

The puzzles, art style, and story development are very unique and particular. It tells us, the players, so much just by recollecting and looking at images and simple text. It left me intrigued as to where is Spooky and what happened to the main character Kiddo. I would love to dig into more of Kiddo's background and how he met Spooky. It would be nice if Kiddo finds his happiness and middle ground. Overall, everything is going in an interesting direction. I would love to be a tester for future releases!

Awesome! We will count on you for the testing very soon.

Best point&click adventure demo I've played since 2020. It depicts these times of tribulation through awesome graphics and a wicked sense of humour. Waiting for more kiddo!

Thanks a lot!

this is very good

gracias :)

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thanks so much for playing our game!

Lovely demo. It definitely stands out visually & it feels like a trip on some serious drugs. Maybe it's all a dream, I guess we'll find out. Whatever happens, I hope Spooky & the kid will be together & maybe more active. :)


Just finished playing the demo- it's great! I grew up on point and click adventures and this holds up to the standard of the best! It's got interesting puzzles that stray from the obvious but aren't illogical, with superb humour, setting and art style and I especially loved the animations and sound design! Had such a fun time with it, I'll be looking forward to the full release! If you need any play-testers hit me up! :)

Hi thanks so much for playing with Kiddo. We are working hard to have full game version for June or so. We will keep you posted if we need some play testers